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An action RPG fangame based on the Harvest Moon series, containing locations and characters from throughout the series.

One day, you wake up to find your town almost completely deserted. At the same time, you find that mysterious portals to the lairs of vicious creatures have started popping up. Eventually, you find that your town is far from the only one to suffer from this problem...

*Currently under active development. Report any bugs in the comments*


Arrow keys: move
X: Interact with object, drop item(if holding item), confirm(in menus)
Z: Run, cancel(in menus)
Enter: Open menu
A: Use tool (hold to charge, if possible), consume item
S: Cast spell (hold to charge, if possible)
W + S: Spell Selection 
W + A: Tool Selection
W + X: Item Selection
Q: Switch HUD on/off
P: Take screenshot

Be sure to read the bookshelf in your room for gameplay tips.

Install instructions

Extract the contents of the zip file, then click on "Journey of Restoration Demo.exe" to launch.


Journey of Restoration Demo (0.1.6).zip 49 MB

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